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A different take on the Castle Design

My original idea was to create a series of lamp vases that had vertical cutouts so that light and shadow would play off each other. But I began to notice that these shapes I was coming up with were interesting in their own right. I began to see them as small castles, taking on a life of their own.  

 Castle Design

For this series of picticular castle-type creations that were made to essentially provide protection and nurishment to a single tree. It is a over the top, dystopian vision for protecting the envoriment - one tree at a time.  

The Ruin


I wanted to do a series of "castles" that looked weatherd and forgoton. Some designs will look as if they have been in the elements for hundreds of years. Others have their structual supports still left in place; As if they were abondeden during building. Some will have people in them, as an added easter egg; try and spot them! 

Castle 1ruin
Castle 1ruin
Castle 1ruin
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